Monday 11 June 2012

Knowledge of Classical Music

No time for layout today - although have done a fair amount of thinking about it. Especially, I have been thinking about the buildings that I am going to build out of clay when I resume my ceramics class in September.

In particular I want a large mock-Romanesque church examples of which one is guaranteed to find in continental cities especially French ones. I've attended countless weekday evening masses in such churches in the company of workers of all ages on their way home from work - shopping bags and brief cases at feet.

Usually one enters by a low wooden side door and usually the stone facade of the church is grimy almost black.

eg  L'église Saint-Théodore, Marseille.

A more detailed view of the facade.

An innocent pleasure:

I listen to vast amounts of classical music on Radio 3 as well as from my record/download collection.
Naturally, when I switch on Radio 3, it is usually part-way through a piece of music and my first instinct is to try and identify what I am listening to.

Surprisingly, I can almost never identify pieces of music by title and composer even if I have played that particular piece a hundred times. But what I can often do is to identify the composer of a piece even if I have never knowingly heard it before. And, if I can't identify the particular composer, I can whittle it down to three or four or at least specify the era when it was written.

So this afternoon I caught the tail end of a brilliant violin concerto being broadcast live on Radio 3 from Wales. Fairly certain I had never heard it before. I guessed it was 20th C and Russian and probably either Prokofiev or Shostakovich. Joy of joys, it was Shostakovich.

Last night's dinner:

I read Cherie Blair's autobiography last year (well almost all of it) and her childhood and teenage years are fascinating.

In the later chapters she said that the Blair family loved take away Chinese food - and I got the impression she wasn't referring to gourmet stuff.

So, here is the sweet and sour chicken I consumed last night.

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