Monday 4 June 2012

Raising the baseboard.

The plan was always to remove the trestles from under the baseboard and fit legs.

For two reasons:

1) so that there is more clear space under the board for general storage;

2) to raise the board by almost 25cm and thus allow an extension to run to the end of the room whilst clearing a central heating radiator.

I hope these photos and diagram explain the situation.

Won't do anything about this until our return from France in mid-July, but, clearly,  one will have to indulge in  a bit of thinking as to how to make these legs.

Underhanging Tortoise points motors in green.


Brahms' 1st Symphony:

What a majestic piece it is. Listened to this rendition, this afternoon.

Choral Evensong:

On BBC Radio 3 iPlayer I was able to listen to Choral Evensong from Manchester Cathedral recorded in 2004 - what a great facility this is.

During opening prayers, the celebrant asked " ....that we may know more truly the greatness of God's love."

I would love to get this knowledge in the same way that Solomon asked for and was given Wisdom.

I wonder what the procedure is: meditation; prayer; silence; performing unselfish good acts; listening to sacred music; staring at icons; visiting mountain tops or other spectacular edifices of nature; listening to sermons; taking communion; reading the Bible; taking part in Evangelical acts of worship; reading great literature or attending thought-provoking plays; witnessing great acts of self-sacrifice and devotion towards an other???????

Last night's dinner:

After spending a lovely day at my niece's home in Helensburgh, came home to a dinner of poached egg on black pudding accompanied by courgettes and large prawns.

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