Sunday 24 June 2012

Memoirs of a Dervish

Today we drive back up the coast to Lacanau-Ocean, where we will stay at a campsite for 7 nights.

Mass last night in St Clement, Vieux Boucau.

Always feel a bit awkward about taking a photo during a church service. However, .......

Last night's dinner - back to Cote d'Argent:

For a change, had an aperitif beforehand, "Kir d'Aquitaine". Fairly refreshing.

Foie gras to begin with:

Then monk fish and rice.

Finally, chocolate cake in a puddle of decorative custard.

Memoirs of a Dervish:

Books like this and The Rabbi's Daughter always raise the same issue for me. To what extent should a Christian devote his waking hours to purely devotional activities? More practically speaking, how many hours per day should one spend praying or worshipping? All of them?

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