Saturday 29 March 2014

Catching up with some small but necessary tasks

1. Painted silver the rest of the pavement in front of cafe.

2. And painted some stripes on a semi-circular canopy on the RHS of the nightclub street.

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Last night's dinner:

Macaroni cheese with asparagus, trout and tomatoes
Evelyn Waugh mystery analysed:

I should have added into yesterday's Waugh vs Waugh another baddy:

Perhaps the explanation as to why I love some of his books but can't be bothered with the others has to do with how old Waugh was when he wrote the books: perhaps he improved with age.

Except for Decline and Fall which is one of my favourite novels and was written before all the others in the lists, the Baddies tended to be written before the Goodies.


Scoop   1938

Black Mischief   1932

The Loved One   1948

Vile Bodies   1930

A Handful of Dust  1934

Put Out More Flags  1942


Sword of Honour Trilogy  1952, 1955 and 1961

Decline and Fall   1928

Brideshead Revisited  1945

Ronald Knox  1959


Cycled through Kelvingrove Park on my way to my Samba drumming class this morning. The River Kelvin was looking very healthy.

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