Sunday 16 March 2014

HO scale scenery - photo montage

Very pleased with progress in peopling the street cafe with scaled down black and white photographs of cafe scenes.

The process is to download a photograph from the internet.

Reduce it to HO scale size and stick it to a strip of card.

Then cut around the heads, shoulders, backs of chairs etc.

And then sit them under the canopy of the cafe.

Pleased with it so far.

Might have to tone down the highly coloured background - but the contrast with the B&W figures is starker in the photos than in reality.

Currently listening to:

Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 where the guest is Murray Walker, the veteran commentator on Formula 1 racing.

A most impressive and interesting person with a horrendous but perfectly understandable selection of 8 discs to take with him to his Desert Island.

Last night's dinner:

Take-away chicken Chow Mein upturned from carton

And then spread out on plate.

Saw a fantastic episode of The League of Gentleman on TV last night.

It must be one of the most original comedy series ever.

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