Saturday 8 March 2014

Impressionistic windows for the cafe.

Those spaces either side of the door to the cafe need some kind of filling to suggest that there is a cafe inside.

I want to suggest the interior lighting effect you find in some van Gogh paintings eg

But the key word is "suggest".

So I cut some rectangles from a shiny black plastic bag, stuck them on card, and using acrylic yellow paint quickly painted on them the "suggestion" of lights and a quarter curtain running across a window.

Might look OK once the tables and chairs are crowded in front of them!

Tonight's alcohol-free dinner:

Stovies, gherkin, tomato and Chris Mullin's Diaries
3/2 Clave:

A key part of all this Samba/Bossa Nova music that I have been imbibing is a pattern called the 3/2 Clave or Son Clave.

Basically it is 3 beats followed by 2 beats, rather like saying Sat-ur-day, Sun-day.

Found a very short but effective video on youTube which shows one how to play this pattern IN TIME.

By coincidence it's by a French chap so he counts un, deux, trois, quatre and even I know what that means.

Here's the notation:

The clave can be played on anything:

Literally anything:

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