Thursday 20 March 2014

Two interesting model railway blogs:

Latest shots of street cafe:

Came across the following blogs on the internet. They are much more professional and technically informative than mine; well-worth dipping into.

George Dent, model maker.

30 Squares of Ontario

Currently listening to:

Optimo on Rinse FM

I consider Optimo's monthly programmes on Rinse FM to be the genuine heirs to John Peel's programmes on BBC Radio.1.

Last night's dinner:

Pork in cider sauce plus cous cous - both courtesy of M&S.

Today's lunch:

Fried eggs and black pudding
Currently reading:

And a bit of:


Most days on my way to morning Mass I cycle past this back lane - it always catches my eye. It looks more like a farm lane than a lane separating some Glasgow tenements from a row of stone villas.

Cycled into the centre of Glasgow in a hail storm to buy the complete box set of :

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