Saturday 15 March 2014

HO scale Parisian Street Cafe: cut-out photo montage

Reminder: the street cafe will be located as in the following picture and will be unconventional in its conception and construction.

Turning my back on commercially available plastic figures and furniture eg

My plan was to very loosely and impressionistically sketch out figures and tables on stand-up sections of card.

My latest idea is to download photos of French street cafes from the internet which will then will be adjusted in size to match HO scale. I think photos will look better than any sketches I can produce.

Some of those photos:

Sartre and de Beauvoir

I'll base the size on actual HO scale figures eg

and draw horizontal lines which correspond in height to the 4 heights of the tables, the backs of chairs, the heads of  seated diners and finally the height of a standing figure eg a waiter.

3 strips of card with the those 4 sets of guide lines.
 The next task was to download and then adjust in size one of the above photos.

Looks about right next to a plastic HO scale waiter.
These scaled down photos will then be cut out - cutting around the heads, shoulders, bodies of waiters, backs of chairs etc. See the pink line that loops around the scene in the following picture.

The cut-out photos will then be stuck to the lengths of pink card (with the guide lines).

Just realised that I won't need the guide lines since the photos will cover them!!!!

The lengths of pink card will be interlocked like so:

And located under the canopy.

Obviously, the next step is to download more photos, scale them to the right size, cut them out, stick them to the lengths of card AND cut around the cards to match the outlines of the cut-around photos.

ALSO, the photos will be printed off in black and white.

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With last night's home made lamb curry from the freezer

Today's late lunch:

After a 2 hour session of Samba drumming (everyone else seems quite relaxed about the strong possibility of us all making complete fools of ourselves at our performance next Saturday) I was very hungry.

Stovies, fried egg and fried tomato.

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