Wednesday 12 March 2014

HO Scale Figures - a different approach.

Every now and again I revisit the modelling dilemma: accuracy versus impression.

Firmly in the accuracy camp are the plastic HO scale Preiser figures and cafe tables that I bought a couple of months ago with the intention of populating my street cafe.

Location of tables etc
And here are some shots of the Preiser models.

But now I'm thinking that they are too perfect and plasticky for that location. Instead, I'm going to set up the Preiser figures and tables in the square in front of the Mirontain cut-out card model buildings. They make a good aesthetic match.

Going back to the other street cafe, I'm minded to set up a loosely sketched set of stand up card tables and chairs and figures which I'll devise myself - a mini stage set.

I've begun on the first sketches:

I'll get inspiration for postures etc from various photos of street cafes from the internet eg.

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Last night's dinner:

Chicken drumstick
Eaten in haste, standing up in the kitchen before dashing out for my Samba drumming class.

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Lovely, still, sunny afternoon so went for a cycle along side the River Clyde.

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