Monday 24 March 2014

Row of HO scale street lights: step 1

The procedure to be used for installing the eight 12 volt street lights around the street cafe is one I devised when installing a pair of similar lights outside the entrance to the Hotel de Paris.

The idea is to mount the lampposts on a plinth and then, from underneath the baseboard, push them up through the corresponding holes.

The little wooden plinth.
Obviously, for a row of 8 such lampposts arranged in a curve the plinth will have to be longer and also curved.

Helluva difficult to cut a crescent shape from MDF, so the plinth is a bit crudely cut in outline. But it will do.

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Thelonious Monk
Last night's dinner:

A fish and vegetable stew served in my favourite bowls made by a pottery that used to be in Fife called South Lissens Pottery.

The yellow is quite similar to the paintwork on the two-tone Rover I saw in Helensburgh yesterday.

It also reminds me of the front door of my maternal grandparents old house (long since demolished) in Lascelles Avenue, Harrow: it was painted in a bright yellow.

But when we went back to South Lissens some years later to buy some more bowls we were told that they had stopped using that particular yellow because it had been shown to be poisonous if breathed in prior to going in the kiln.


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Still working my way through Chris Mullin's diaries.

What does emerge repeatedly from the diaries is what brilliant public speakers both Tony Blair and William Hague were and also how smart David Cameron was.

Miscellany 1:

Today we went on a mammoth cycle ride around the environs of the River Clyde.

Wife speeding off into the distance.

Remnants of a bygone age.

The Clyde
Miscellany 2:

Purchased a snare drum, stand, brushes and bag today. I find the bongos too much like manual labour at times.

Still in its bag.

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