Friday 28 March 2014

Evelyn Waugh versus Evelyn Waugh

Had an extra little task to perform on the wooden lighting plinth, namely, to drill 8 holes through the plinth itself. These will allow wires from the lampposts to travel underneath the baseboard ready for connection with a 12 volt electricity supply.

The plinth
Drill at the ready

Drilling through the plinth beneath each wooden pillar

Tried out a couple of lampposts in position

Currently listening to:

Extracted huge enjoyment today from this CD
Last night's dinner:

My memory has gone so bad that until I call up the photo from my phone, I can usually never remember what I actually did have for dinner the night before.

And, as it so happens, today there's no such photo on my phone. So I obviously didn't take a photograph of it yesterday which means that particular  meal is consigned to oblivion.

......................... just remembered, we went to IKEA and had a disappointing experience in their cafe/restaurant.

Evelyn Waugh versus Evelyn Waugh:

It's always baffled me that Evelyn Waugh is responsible for writing my favourite novels whilst also producing my least favourite. There is a mysterious gulf between the two sets of writing.

Very Baddies: Vile Bodies; Scoop; Black Mischief; A Handful of Dust; and, The Loved One

Very Good Indeedies: Brideshead Revisited; Decline and Fall; The Sword of Honour Trilogy: and the biography of Ronald Knox

Lenten Fast update:

Finding it slightly difficult keeping strictly to my Lenten Fast. 

First and foremost, clearly, please remember the poor, so that what you withhold from yourselves by living more sparingly, you may deposit in the treasury of heaven. Let the hungry Christ receive what the fasting Christian receives less of. Let the self-denial of one who undertakes it willingly become the support of the one who has nothing. Let the voluntary want of the person who has plenty become the needed plenty of the person in want.
(St. Augustine, Sermon 210)

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