Saturday 22 March 2014

My First Gig!

No time for railway today but here is a French model railway related picture and text from a great website called:

Transpress NZ

"Just under 400 Budd Company Rail Diesel Cars or RDCs were built for North American railways in the period 1949-1962.  France experimented with a single RDC prototype in the 1950s, numbered X-2051, in the above view, seen headed for Chantilly. Due to loading-gauge constraints, only the mechanical portion was used under a French carbody based on its X-2400 series. It remained the only example, but was de-motored and used as a trailer."

Despite what seems to be its New Zealand location, the website offers a comprehensive photo gallery of world rail transport.

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Dissolving Dancefloor.

Last night's dinner:

A take-away chicken curry from the Shenaz restaurant in Glasgow. Even by my standards this is a presentational mess.

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This is a hurriedly concocted composite of 2 hurriedly taken photos of my Samba drumming class performing at a local eco/garden festival type thingie in Glasgow. I've smudged the faces of my fellow band members for several good reasons!

It all went remarkably smoothly considering A) we're not very good and B) it was raining slightly.

The spectators were behind us.

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