Wednesday 7 March 2012

Laying HO track - the sequence

Have just spent an hour dipping into youTube videos about ballasting and weathering track. As usual the chap at Everard Junction has produced the most competent tutorials.

But my main purpose in doing this was to establish the sequence of doing things:

First: pin down the track in its final position.

Second: ballast the track.

Third: weather the track.


First: pin down the track in its final position.

Second: weather the track.

Third: ballast the track.

Not sure about what's second or third but pinning down the track seems to be the first thing to be done.

I'll have to purchase a little handheld micro drill and bit for making the necessary holes in the sleepers for the pins. Another expense.




Very poor attendance last night in Perth to see one of Britain's most impressive pianists, Paul Lewis. (Actually, the same venue was only part-filled the last time he played but that was for an afternoon performance and I thought that that timing might have explained the attendance.)

Average age of audience? probably, 65 years old. Hardly anyone there under 40 years old. Where is the audience for the future going to come from?

I thought Lewis himself looked depressed throughout as if reacting to the poor attendance. No encore given.

He can only be in his late thirties.

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