Thursday 22 March 2012

Philip Glass

Have ballasted another section of the test track, this time with medium grain iron ore from Woodland Scenics.

One comment: I like the medium grain ballast but notice that the edges of the sleepers are totally uncovered, unlike in this earlier attempt at ballasting with fine grain.

And a reminder of the real thing.

That last photo definitely confirms my view that medium grain is more realistic than fine grain - you can see each individual stone in real life whereas with fine grain the end result is more of a morass.

Philip Glass: contemporary American composer of minimalistic classical music.

Have tried for many years to like and appreciate Philip Glass's work but have found it trivial and uninspiring.

In fact, I was just about to devote this blog to that conclusion while pointing out that Glass, himself, is a fascinating person when talking about his music, when I heard, today, his 1st Violin Concerto and his 5th String Quartet.

I actually like those pieces - there seems to be more meat in them.

If you want to know more about Philip Glass you can listen to Donald Macleod speaking to him and playing his music on Radio 3's excellent series "Composer of the Week".

Glass on the left.

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