Thursday 29 March 2012

Roots Manuva

I'm going to rig up a mock-tiled background for the test layout and try out some scenery. (See yesterday's blog re terracotta tiles.)

Tried two sizes of tiles: 20cm x 20cm and 15cm x 15cm. I think the latter is better.

Simply drew the outline of the tiles on a length of cardboard. I'll draw some wee buildings and trees on it.

20cm x 20cm

15cm x 15cm
Found this image of a painting of a French branch line.

Roots Manuva:

Today, I have been mostly listening to "Run Come Save Me" by Roots Manuva which is the stagename for Rodney Hylton Smith (born 1972).

I suppose you'd call his stuff, British hip-hop.

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