Thursday 8 March 2012

Weathering HO Track

While I'm waiting for the micro drill etc to arrive in the post - required to pin the track down - I thought I would practise weathering a short piece of track.

Called in at my local motor car accessory shop and asked for a can of matt brown spray paint. I was disappointed that he didn't have such a thing. But he rightly pointed out that not many cars come in matt brown!

Anyway, I bought some red and some grey primer. They're both matt. The red might be too red so I'll intermingle it with some grey.

Apparently, I'll have about 15 to 20 minutes to clean off paint from the top surface of the rail. In addition, I'll have to clean off paint from the inner flange of the rail because the locomotive wheels pick up electric current from that surface as well as the top surface. See red and orange surfaces in picture.

Anyway, that is a task for tomorrow.

DJ Shadow

Years ago I asked a female assistant in a record shop to recommend some hip hop or trip hop music for me to listen to. I chose the female assistant because although levels of customer treatment in shops is now all-round excellent (in my experience), 15 or 20 years ago male assistants in record shops were, to put it kindly, unhelpful/mute.

Anyway, this girl recommended DJ Shadow's Endtroducing and I've never regretted acting upon that recommendation.

A genuine concept album.

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