Saturday 10 March 2012

Toucan Weathering

Yesterday's weathering of the test piece of track with red primer, probably, imparted too vivid a shade of rust to the track, so I tried mixing the sprays today: red and grey to tone things down.
Yesterday's one can.

Today's two cans.

Today's result viewed under exterior daylight conditions.
For comparison, yesterday's red primer under exterior daylight conditions.

Today's result under same interior light conditions as yesterday.


Mixing the grey with the red certainly tones things down.

Quite dramatic difference in colour representation of photos taken under daylight as opposed to interior electric lighting.


The mixing of the two primers seems to produce a good result.

What record have I been listening to most frequently this week?

Answer: Sponteneity by Bahamadia, from her album Kollage. (Can't resist making that a capital K.)

I checked my iTunes "Play counter" and it says I've played the track on my laptop 16 times since downloading it on 20th February.

This prompted me to find out what iTunes tracks I've played most often on the laptop since installing the iTunes facility some 4 years ago.

Top 5:

5. Daniel Barenboim, Chopin Nocturne no 12          46 plays

4. Daniel Barenboim, Chopin Nocturne no 13          47 plays

3. Randy Newman, Texas Girl at Father's Funeral    49 plays

2. Hable con Ella from the soundtrack of "Talk to Her"  49 plays

1. Roy Harper, Another Day                                         51 plays

These figures exclude the vast amount of listening I do on my iPod.

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