Saturday 7 June 2014

Am I mad?

No time for railway today because a whole load of duties presented themselves:

So here are some French Railway photos from a blog by someone called Phil Beard:

This is sheer magic - what a painting!

The loco in the above painting.
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Embrace - Come Back to What You Know.
I'd forgotten what a great pop-ballad this song from 1998 is.

Last night's dinner:

An exceedingly pleasant evening with my sister's family in Helensburgh - weather was glorious.

The buffet was excellent too but I forgot to photograph it.

However, I did not forget to photograph my lunch at Glasgow's Polish Club.

This is soup served in giant orbs of hollowed out bread - you don't usually eat the bread apparently. I was given a choice between a grain or a beef soup - I took the beef. Very good indeed.

Currently reading:

The latest catalogue update from Brekina models.

Quite a collection of VW dormobiles.

Apparently the first dormobiles were made by Bedford in the 1960s.

The word "dormobile" is a combination of mobile and dormitory.


West End Festival Parade 2013

My extremely modest little Samba band is taking part in this parade tomorrow!!!!!! Thank goodness we're wearing massive hats.

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