Monday 2 June 2014

SNCF Society

My second favourite magazine arrived with the post this morning:

Currently listening to:

Obviously, this 1943 Broadway musical version was based on Bizet's Carmen.

Waiting in the wings is my HO scale ceramic L'Opera National de la Rive, which will be putting on an HO scale performance of Carmen when I eventually find a place for it on the layout.

Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take a photograph but it was corned beef and beetroot.

Currently Reading:


This one is just about readable.
Miscellany 1:

A couple of days ago we noticed that a blackbird had built a nest in a plant pot on one of our window sills. Managed to lean out of bedroom window and take this photograph today.

3 eggs.
Miscellany 2:

Went by bus this afternoon to see a couple of small exhibitions at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art.

Inside the gallery

Paintings by Moyna Flannigan

Some chap.

And then for the second time (we saw this exhibition in Edinburgh several years ago), Nathan Coley's wonderful "The Lamp of Sacrifice" which is made up of 286 cardboard models of churches and other places of worship in Edinburgh; simply laid out on the floor.

Miscellany 3:

And then, lest we forget, Glasgow is hosting the Commonwealth Games later this summer. Here's the logo for the Games.

George Square, in the heart of Glasgow.

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