Wednesday 11 June 2014

Viessmann 6081 HO scale street lamps

Two tasks today:

1) Using photos to create HO scale people scenes:

Attached to the foot of the church facade a second cut-out photo of people climbing the steps. But this one is in colour whereas the first one was in black and white.

Used a dod of blu tac to attach the cut out.

The two cut outs

Actually, I prefer the black and white one
2) Installing a pair of Viessmann street lamps.

Viessmann street lamps are beautifully and robustly constructed and very easy to install - simply requiring a 6mm diameter hole to be bored through the baseboard.

The ornate lampposts in place
Powered up

Currently listening to:

Last Sunday's Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4.

The guest was the remarkably talented Tamar Rojo who is the principal ballerina and artistic director of the English National Ballet.

What surprised me, in my ignorance, was that the English National Ballet is a touring company. I presumed it was based at Covent Garden or somewhere famous like that. But no, it has no official home theatre.

Last night's dinner:

In a bit of a rush so had just a steak pie.

Currently reading:

My holiday reading arrived today from Amazon

I hope it will link Sartre to 'the philosophy of mind' class I attended this past year.

Spotted this most unusual shelter behind some tenements for keeping bins.

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