Monday 16 June 2014

Countdown to annual holiday

Only a few days to go until annual holiday in France.

Losing momentum with model railway layout but will no doubt come back refreshed in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile here are some random pictures of layout from earlier blogs.

Early draft of Gare du Nord, November 2011

More detailed 2nd draft.

The ceramic version of the facade under construction.

Paper draft of Boulevard Haussmann building
Ceramic version under construction.
June 2014
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Auntie Flo

Last night's dinner:

Mussels from freezer (that was a great value pack) in usual spaghetti setting.
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Purchase 1:

My practice drum pad arrived today - you strap it round your thigh. I'm taking it on holiday so I won't de-wrap it.

Purchase 2:

My first ever wireless mouse.

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