Monday 9 June 2014

Using photos for HO scale scenery

At last I found some time to try out a cut out photo of some people climbing the steps up to a church - in situ.

in situ
Using a little dab of blu tac to affix the cut-out to the facade of the church (rather than using glue) means that the cut-out stands away from the building and gives the figures some depth.

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Last month's podcast from Optimo on Rinse FM.

Tonight, being the second Monday of the month, the latest Optimo podcast will be transmitted.

I honestly can't wait to hear what electronic gems have been unearthed.

Last night's dinner:

Forgot to take photograph but it was a take-away pizza:

Toppings: anchovies and black olives.
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But have decided that on holiday my philosophical reading matter will focus on the pre-reflective ego of Sartre. So I'd better get cracking sorting that out.

Surprisingly, the following book is available as an e-Book on Kindle. When my Kindle arrives tomorrow (before 1pm) that will be the first book I'll download.


Well, I survived the Mardi Gras parade along the entire length of Byres Road yesterday afternoon. Decided to wear the knee brace and I'm glad I did; no ill effects afterwards.

Here are some photos of the afternoon - obviously I couldn't photo myself.

The first five photos are of participants getting organised in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens ready for the parade.

The rest of the photos are of my little Samba band. There were 10 of us altogether wearing these hats. I was in the back row and tried to take these photos on the move.

I wasn't nervous but had absolutely no idea whether my contribution was any good. Despite that uncertainty, it was the most exhilarating experience of my life. Hope I didn't blot my copybook and will be invited to stay on in the band.

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  1. Sounds great fun and the weather looked good.