Sunday 8 June 2014

SNCF photographs

Found these great photographs on the web this morning.

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Not a huge fan of "rap" music nor of horror films but the two come together brilliantly in Busta Rhymes 1998 record "Gimme some more" where Bernard Hermann's opening theme to "Psycho" underlies the rapping of Mr Rhymes.

Busta Rhymes
The record has a brilliant accompanying video.

Last night's dinner:

Sword fish, roasted peppers and boiled potatoes
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No time for reading this weekend.

Today, I'm going to order a Kindle Paperwhite.


To brace or not to brace - that is the question?

I haven't felt the need to wear one of these things for 9 months. On the other hand, this afternoon I will be walking/marching/limping down the full length of Byres Road, a distance I haven't walked for years. There again, the brace might set off the swelling around my knee.

But I don't want to collapse either.


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  1. Hope either way your knee didn't let you down.