Thursday 12 June 2014

SNCF logos

No time for model railway today.

So here is a chart showing various SNCF logos over the years.

Not sure how accurate are  the correlations of years with logos in the above chart because look at the logo on the front of Le Capitole, a train which was introduced in 1960

A beautiful train.
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Kelvingrove Art Galleries, 9.45pm yesterday
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Tonight my little Samba band is playing in our most risky situation yet - a Glasgow pub. We're meant to inject some Brazilian atmosphere into proceedings as the World Cup begins. For the first time we are all really nervous - actually, we're scared!


  1. That chart shows when each logo was introduced, but on SNCF new logos didn't entirely replace existing logos, especially the 1939 logo; often, the 1939 logo would be cast into the front of a locomotive while newer logos would be printed on the sides.

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