Tuesday 3 June 2014

Brekina HO scale model cars

Until last week, I'd never heard of, "Brekina", the German manufacturer of HO scale model vehicles

Here's their website.


They are very impressively detailed and I bought 2 second hand Mercedes Benz on eBay. They are pretty much of the era of the layout ie 50s/60s.

Both Mercedes 190 but the black one is of a slightly earlier era.

Currently listening to:

Alfred Brendel playing Liszt.

Last night's dinner:

This was an absolute triumph.

A tin of quail wrapped in bacon and in a Tursan grape sauce - on a bed of rice.

Currently reading:

Went to the library and took out 4 travel books set in very hot countries. As I get older I really crave the heat in a way I never did before.


As I was cycling through Yoker this afternoon (an area of Glasgow), I passed this small house with two Isle of Man flags hanging from its windows.

I think that a TT motorcycle enthusiast must live within.

The TT races are being held on the Isle of Man at the moment.

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