Monday 30 June 2014

Cycle tracking

Hired bikes for half a day and cycled down the dead straight converted railway tracks to Biganos, 8 miles away.

Passed three ex-station buildings on the way. Very similar to those one finds beside the similarly converted cycle tracks in the Landes region - where we will be in 10 days time.

First section of track.

First station - station clock to right of main door.

Some grafitti

Second station - name plate removed above window and no clock.

More track

Third station with name plate and clock.
This cycle track is one of the officially recognised routes for pilgrims travelling on foot to St James Cathedral in Compostela, North West Spain.

Routes to Compostela
My local priest back in Glasgow and the Head Teacher of a local secondary school are walking this pilgrimage during July.

Last night's dinner:

Kir Cassis to begin with.

Pate and lettuce.

This year's tipple, Rose wine.

Cuttle fish and rice.

Across the road something from an Edward Hopper painting.

Post dinner walk.

We shared the table with a French couple with a limited English to match our limited French.

When the conversation got round to hobbies and interests, I asked the chap if he had a boat or played tennis. No, he preferred the armchair and reading. In particular he liked to sit in his armchair with a glass of Pineau and read the fables of the 17th Century writer Jean de la Fontaine.

Jean de la Fontaine
His wife then said that they had neither a television nor the internet and were genuinely surprised when I showed them my new Kindle and demonstrated that books by La Fontaine could be downloaded onto the Kindle for free.

Another view of the hotel.
Drumming practice update:

Mug of tea is essential.

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