Thursday 5 June 2014

HO scale model cars.

Had no time today to cut out the little photographs of people standing on church steps (see yesterday's blog).

However, a lovely little package of 6 HO scale vehicles arrived today from the Hobby Shop in Faversham, Kent.

A very efficient mail order operation
Three were commercial vehicles of which I have very few on the layout and three were motor cars.

Here are the three cars - all manufactured in Germany.

From the left: Opel Kapitan by Brekina; Ford Eifel by Busch and NSU TT by Herpa.

Some close ups.

And photos of the real things:

Opel Kapitan


Ford Eifel
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Had an intense hour of pleasure listening to this:

Last night's dinner:

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Strawberries and cream

Today's lunch:

Fried tomatoes

and potato scones.
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The latest issue of Africa magazine - my favourite journal.

The magazine of St Patrick's Missions

Made a discovery this afternoon when practising with my Samba drum - I've been using too light a set of sticks. That's why they're bouncing all over the place - a bad workman blames his tools??

Anyway, I've bought a heavier pair. Still made of Hickory and costing £5 a pair.

The heavier pair are on the left.

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