Friday 20 June 2014

Blaye to Oleron

Yesterday went according to plan except that the charming and very traditional restaurant of the hotel in Blaye which had been such a highlight of last year's holiday was closed - the chef was very ill.

Here are some photos of the last 36 hours.

Waiting for flight to be called in Edinburgh yesterday

Edinburgh runway

Runway at Bordeaux - 2 hours later.

Drove through this town on the way to catch the ferry at Lamarque
A fishing hut right next to the jetty at Lamarque

More of them

From a different angle.
The jetty at Lamarque
Our ferry approaching the jetty at Lamarque

There she blows
Crossing the Gironde on the way to Blaye
20 minutes later, the jetty at Blaye
Our hotel in Blaye

Street corner in Blaye

Some other photos taken yesterday evening in Blaye.


View back towards jetty.

2 CV

Old van
Last night's dinner:

On a back street in Blaye we came across this street restaurant.

Tagliatelli chicken and salad

Our table was across from a shop specialising in electronic and vapour substitute cigarettes
Some photographs of today's journey from Blaye to the Island of Oleron.

Finally, our hotel in Oleron.

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