Sunday 15 June 2014

Placement of Theatre

I think that yesterday's idea to swap some of the buildings around on the layout was a foolish one. Everything looks pretty good at the moment; the theatre will have to go across from the station.

The theatre facade
It could go across the roundabout from these buildings

Obviously. it will need a back and possibly some adjacent buildings.

Currently listening to:

Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4.

This weeks guest was the Palestinian writer and activist, Raja Shehadeh.

A very impressive individual who treated the programme properly and thus made it worth listening to.

His first choice of record was this:

"We and the Moon are Neighbours" sung by the Lebanese singer Fairuz.
This beautiful record set the tone for the rest of an engrossing broadcast.

Last night's dinner:

Almost forgot to take photograph - just remembered in time.

Scallops, tuna and ratatouille and rice.

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Lynn Barber as young
And now.



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