Tuesday 1 July 2014

Bordeaux for £3.50 return.

Last night's dinner:

Kir Cassis to begin with.

Foie gras


Lamprey eel - delicious

We found this little silver tray on our bed when we returned - heap powerful stuff.
Drumming practice update:

As usual, up at the crack of dawn practising with my drum pad - the actual drum is too loud for the terrace and the bay is so quiet that even a voice or a dog bark can be heard for miles and miles.

I'm concentrating on increasing the definition between loud (accented) strokes and quiet (ghost) strokes. Easy to do at very slow pace but as one speeds up the ghost strokes get louder and louder and are indistinguishable from the loud notes that they are supposed to contrast against.

The drum pad and the still bay.

Took some photos of the large open plan area where breakfast is served.

Coffee table.


Hanging lampshade made from a bucket.


Then took the bus to Bordeaux. An hour's journey right into the centre; a journey which must be heavily subsidised because it only costs £3.50 for a day return.

Some views of Bordeaux.

This was a live transmission of the ballet troupe practising.

This was a queue to get into a particular restaurant.

Can't believe it was that special.

We had a midday galette at a more modest affair.

Just round the corner from our hotel in Andernos-Les-Bains is a little shop which sells crafts made in Madagascar, including a huge selection of model planes and cars made from sections of tin salvaged from old tin cans and the like. I bought this plane which I reckon is approximately HO scale and has the quirky feel that I believe my model railway layout has. I will dangle it from the ceiling above the layout.

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