Saturday 23 August 2014

Able 2 Sail

Made considerable strides building from Lego a back for the ceramic theatre facade.

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Things African:

Auntie Flo
This pair take African tracks and remix them, retaining the African content but adding a modern electronic vibe.

Last night's dinner:

At the Shenaz Indian restaurant in Glasgow.

Vegetable pakora

Chicken curry and rice.
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On Immanuel Kant

Drumming practice update:

My new Caixa drum arrived:

And the first thing I did was to open it up and stuff it full of bubble wrap, an old checked shirt and a T-shirt.

And then bolt it back together.

I'm a very lucky person. 

I spent the whole afternoon sailing up and down the Clyde Estuary as a guest of my Great-niece, Mia and her brother Jack on the yacht, Able-2-Sail.

Lovely weather, surrounded by lovely company, and when the engines are turned off and the sail hoisted, almost a spiritual experience.

Based at Inverkip Marina
The yacht itself.

Quite an interior

The Clyde Estuary