Tuesday 19 August 2014

1000th episode of this blog!

I'm pretty pleased with my Lego Parisian apartment block, but the facade is a bit blank.

It could do with some railings in front of the windows and with that in mind I fished out some little black Lego cylinders (could only find 3) to test the water.

I don't think so.
I didn't have any great hopes for my next idea which was to put a row of single black Lego bricks along the window ledge.

But, to my surprise, one of these long narrow bricks in front of each window looks pretty good.

Only had three bricks!!! eBay here I come.
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Fergus Clark
Last night's dinner:

Steak pie, beans and mashed potato.
Was out working quite late last night so decided to finish the night with a glass of Polish lager; excellent, but probably not a good idea to have cycled home in the dark afterwards.

Fluorescent jacket on rhs of shot.

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Moderately well written and moderately interesting.
Drumming practice update:

Still experimenting with the traditional left hand grip; I think my hand must be a peculiar shape, because I can't get the thumb and first finger to touch without putting the rest of the grip out of kilter.

How it should be.

Wound this tape around to stop the stick slipping downwards through my hand all the time.

My variation on the grip with first two fingers lifted right out the way.

The middle of the stick still rests on the cuticle of the ring finger.
Anyway, back to Tuesday evening drumming class tonight - I wonder how I'll get on.

PS That drum I ordered a few days ago will not arrive until next week. This is the second time that I have been lied to by an internet drum supplies store about speeds of delivery. Irritating.

At least the balaclava arrived on time.

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