Wednesday 20 August 2014

Drum grip tweaking.

No time for model railway today, so here are some SNCF photos from the web.

I find it difficult to judge the era (or 'epoch' as we say in model railway circles) of French locomotives.

This first picture I would have thought was taken in the 1950s, but it was taken in 1983 in Nice.

I'm amazed that there were overhead electric wires in the first decade of the 20th Century.


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Forgot to take photo, but it was basically as above.

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Kripke on Modal logic - very, very interesting.

Drumming practice update:

Had a very fruitful (and chastening) 1-to-1 lesson from my Tuesday night Samba drumming tutor.

Dealt with some very basic, but for me crucial, issues.

1) Left hand traditional grip.

I had decided beforehand that whatever Roddy said, I would do. So this is what happened.

I showed him the grip that I had been using all summer, with the help of felt tip pen marks on my hand.

He told me to open out my hand like this:

So I did.

He also recommended curling the thumb over the stick whereas the various youTube tutors had warned against this. I decided to stick with Roddy on this.

2. More arm movement and less reliance on wrist only action.

3. Keep forearm, wrist and hand in a straight line at the point of impact on the skin.

I had been cocking my wrist on contact.

4. Stand straight and don't stoop over the drum.

This error in posture is the cause of the drum dangling from the belt and going all over the place.

5. Use a shorter, stouter drumming stick.

Slightly different tip as well.
6. Practise being symmetrical between left and right strokes.

Symmetrical in terms of visual appearance and weight of stroke.

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