Monday 4 August 2014

Mirror, mirror on the................................

More Lego arrived today via eBay - 3 packets in fact.

I presume there are these individuals all over the UK who buy up second hand Lego bricks at boot sales etc and then pack them up into little bundles of 5 or 10 pieces and put them on eBay for what seems to me a very low price but must yield them a profit that justifies the fiddle of advertising on eBay (taking and uploading photos); buying stamps and jiffy bags; packing the things up; trudging to the Post Office; and, finally, declaring the proceeds on their Self-assessment Income Tax form by the 31st January of the following year.

Today's 3 arrivals.
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Salad, little fillets of Red Mullet and black pudding.
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The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Phenomenological Approaches to Self-Consciousness

Drumming Practice Update:

Continuing to be hyper-critical of my technique and called into service the wardrobe mirror in our bedroom.

A very useful exercise, because it reveals the symmetry (or lack of it) between right and left hand strokes and also the overall smoothness and unity and coherence of my drumming action (or lack of them). And the lack of movement in the rest of my body - that really needs working on.

I need to cultivate a smooth, unified, coherent and symmetrical action otherwise the end product is going to sound laboured and unmusical (and unpleasant).


  1. If you ever need just the odd piece of lego I'm sure we could assist.

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