Thursday 28 August 2014

Viessmann versus 'FMR Model-IT' HO scale streetlights

My pack of Viessmann HO scale streetlights have arrived and, as to be expected because they have been manufactured in Germany,  the detail and quality is impressive.

Nevertheless, I have more than a soft spot for the similarly intentioned streetlights with filament 12 v bulbs from Frizinghall Models. They are cruder and simpler (and much cheaper) but, in situ, they have a charm about them.

In situ on my layout.
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Earl van Dyke
Last night's dinner:

Before going out to work:

Tomato and gherkin sandwich
And on way home at really too late an hour for such a meal:

A bag of chips from The Blue Lagoon in Dumarton Road, Partick.
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Really enjoying this book.

In her younger days.

Drumming practice update:

Continuing with practice in front of mirror to check that arms are going up and down as opposed to just hands.

Stained Glass Windows at St Simon's, Partick, Glasgow.

The middle window on the southerly wall of the church depicts St Simon struggling in the wild sea as he tries to reach Jesus who he sees walking across the water towards him.

And it reminds me of this prayer:

"Thou O Lord,
Who stillest the raging of the seas,
Hear, hear us and save us
That we perish not.

Oh Blessed saviour who didst save thy disciples
Ready to perish in storm,
Hear us and save us,
We beseech thee."

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