Sunday 10 August 2014

On the road

On our way from Chesterfield to Norfolk we passed a real leftover from Great Britain's industrial past: a hugely complex junction and inter-crossing of canals, roads and railways. But what really caught my eye was the crossroads for railways - I didn't think such things existed. In fact, I thought that I had imagined what I'd seen until I got to our hotel a couple of hours later and looked it up on the internet. And, sure enough:

Looks dodgy as anything.

It's called the Newark flat rail crossing.

"The East Coast Main Line and Lincoln to Nottingham lines cross here. It is the fastest flat crossing in the UK, trains are allowed to cross at 100 mph (note sign). The crossing is in fact a diamond shape. Newark Dyke bridge is seen in the distance, the bridge is only just over 10 years old."

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Last night's dinner:

Roast pork

Creme brulee
 This morning's breakfast:

The stuff one consumes for breakfast only when in a UK hotel

Drumming practice update:

Managed 45 minutes on the drum pad whilst looking out our hotel room window.

Then sat on a bench in the sun for an hour.

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