Friday 22 August 2014

eBay Purchasing

Decided to bite the bullet and purchase what I hope will be the final 12v lights to complete the street lighting of the layout - or diorama as I used to call it.

So, I ordered a box of 6 Viessmann 12v LED street lights - 2 will go in front of the theatre and the other 4 along the front of the yellow building.

Currently listening to:

Amadou and Mariam
Amadou and Mariam, from Mali, appeared at this year's Celtic Connections in Glasgow but I very stupidly didn't buy tickets but was instead persuaded to waste 2 evenings going to two loads of old rubbish. I won't make that mistake again (well actually, I almost certainly will, or at least something very similar).

In particular, I recommend the Optimo remix of "Ce n'est pas bon" which is available to listen to at Soundcloud.

Last night's dinner:

Cod, scallops and Samphire
Currently reading:

Spark Notes - an online source of study notes for students.

Their article on Immanuel Kant is the clearest exposition of his work that I have ever come across: excellent.

Drumming practice update:

Much more fruitful day practising the new left hand grip and increasing the role of arm movements in the production of the strokes.

Midday Mass at St Simon's:

Cycled to 12.30 Mass at St Simon's, Partick, Glasgow.

Once again, I was transfixed by the unusual, crudely-drawn and powerful stained glass windows featuring St Peter in various situations from the New Testament.

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