Friday 1 August 2014

Lego, Lego, Lego - eBay, eBay, eBay

Unless I'm simply not adept at searching the internet, there seem nowadays to be no new packs of just bricks produced by Lego. Everything seems to be part of a kit eg a house, a rocket, a train, etc.

So, onto eBay last night to buy second hand yellow and black bricks and plates of various sizes.

Yellow plate

Yellow bricks

Black bricks
I used a variety of one-man-suppliers so delivery times varied between 2 days and a week.

See the blog from the last few days for the reason why I'm buying this stuff.

Currently listening to:

Last night's dinner:

Utterly superb supermarket chicken curry and rice.
Started skipping parts of:

This is a great book but it's turned unexpectedly nasty (actually I should have expected that from this author) so I have been skimming those sections.

Drumming Practice Update:

After yesterday's disaster, I decided to strap the drum pad to my upper thigh and play standing up thus simulating the odd almost vertical angle that one strikes a Samba Caixa drum at and also giving myself a really tough challenge. Surely if I could manage this then the Caixa would be easy.

Not sure this chap is entering into the Samba spirit.
These chaps don't seem to have bothered with the tilt.

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