Sunday 3 August 2014

No True Scotsman.

Nothing done on layout today - waiting for more supplies of yellow and black Lego bricks.

So here are some pictures  from an earlier episode of the blog, chosen at random.

Jouef 141 pulling Jouef carriages

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BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs with guest Guy Garvey (lead singer with Elbow) whose choice was excellent and interestingly unusual.

I hadn't ever  heard this 2000 recording of her own composition, "A Case of You" by Joni Mitchell from her album "Both Sides Now". Sensational.

Presumably a self portrait.
This recording revealed to me a third vocal styling of Joni Mitchell's. In her early days "Big Yellow Taxi" and so on, her voice was pitched high. Then she moved to a vastly lower register eg "Blue".

This album recorded in 2000 reveals a smoother, Ella Fitzgerald style of singing. I would NEVER have guessed it was Joni Mitchell singing.

Downloaded the album from iTunes.

Thanks Guy Garvey
Last night's dinner:

A large slab of John Dorey, broccoli and ratatouille
Currently reading:

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Phenomenological Approaches to Self-Consciousness

Finished "The Innocent" by Ian McEwan - very heart-warming ending.


Came across an hilarious article in Wikipedia.

In fact it is dealing with a serious philosophical issue: the fallacy of "No True Scotsman".

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