Sunday 17 August 2014

Traditional Drum Grip

Some SNCF pictures from the web:

I just like this photo.

It surprises me that this locomotive entered service as early as 1938; looks more modern to me.

Entered service in 1938.

Withdrawn in 1955.
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Felizol and the Boy
Last night's dinner:

Lasagne and salad.
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I loved this book's evocation of France.

Drumming practice update:

Have adjusted the grip for my left hand yet again, to this:

The key elements are these:

Stick gripped in the V between thumb and index finger - I was doing that already;

Thumb resting on last section of index finger;

Stick resting on cuticle of middle finger.

I'm continuing to experiment with the grip of the left hand for two reasons:

1) because my Tuesday night class leader says that the stick should rest on the cuticle of the middle finger and I've never felt comfortable doing that;

2) despite all my practice, the left hand stick still moves about when it strikes the skin of the drum and I still have difficulty hitting the skin cleanly with my left hand when the drum is tilted, as it is when using a shoulder strap.

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