Tuesday 5 August 2014

Lego progress

Lost count of the number of Lego packages that I ordered but I think the final one arrived today: from Amazon rather than eBay.

Will have to pop the roof back on and fill in the window spaces - supposed to be a row of shops on the ground floor.

Currently listening to:

Downloaded from iTunes today: 61 tracks so some are bound to be OK.
Last night's dinner:

Fish stew.

Which we consumed in the back garden.
Currently reading:

Downloaded to my Kindle a sample of the new Irvine Welsh novel. So far it's a bit like a souped up Janet Ivanovich novel but things may develop.

Drumming practice update:

Had a fairly successful session with my regular drumming tutor today.

Reverted to a lighter drumstick which allows my left hand to move more rapidly.

Also tried his bass drum - I can't synchronise my arms with my legs, so it was a waste of time. First time in my life that I'd tried a bass drum.

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