Tuesday 21 February 2012

Current position

Let's  summarise the last few months and re-iterate the intention behind this model railway.

1) French HO Scale:

2) Basically a city-scape with a mainline terminus as the centre piece based loosely on the Gare du Nord, but not specifically set in Paris.

3) The foreground buildings will be home-made from ceramic or earthenware.

4) The backdrop will be tapestry - probably long-stitch. (Not my handywork.)

5) The control system will be DCC ie Digital Command Control where there is a computer chip inside each locomotive.


Album: 15 Again

Track: La Notte

One of the great joys (and drawbacks, no doubt) of iTunes and iPods and MP3 players generally is the shuffle facility whereby any track in one's collection can be selected by the system at random.

Last night, this really hypnotic track by Cassius, the 1990s French electronic duo came up.

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