Sunday 5 February 2012

DCC wiring part 2

Feeder wires.

Obviously DC electricity involves a  + ve and a  - ve, usually denoted by red and black wires, respectively. With all these rails meeting and crossing over each other at the sets of points, it is imperative to be consistent about which rail is + ve and which - ve, so I decided that the rail nearest the wall would always be + ve and red in colour and the other one  - ve and black.

Today's task was to drill numerous small holes through the baseboard to allow the feeder wires which will eventually be soldered to the rails, to pass through to the underside where they will eventually be connected to the the power BUS cable.

This repeated use of the word "eventually" is beginning to sum up this project.

Lonnie Donegan

My brother-in-law recently reminded me what a great performer Lonnie Donegan was.

And here he is on youTube.

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