Friday 17 February 2012

Morton Feldman

Too tired/stupid to make any sense of the instructions for the tortoise points motor. Will try again tomorrow.

Compared with a solenoid motor it is huge and so I've had to heighten the stands for my test track so that it will fit underneath.

Also been thinking about a mechanical switch that would allow the points to be changed manually but change polarity of the VEE section at the same time.

The black line is the throw bar which changes the direction of the points. I thought that when the bar moved then the purple wire feeding the VEE section of the points could also move from positive to negative and vice versa.

Note that the VEE section is isolated from its adjoining rails - indicated by the two little black marks.

HELP: looked through the internet for some kind of mechanical switch that could accomplish this linear movement controlled by the corresponding linear movement of the (black) throwbar. No joy.

Morton Feldman

Triadic Memories

A suite of solo piano pieces: my words are inadequate to convey the delicacy that is the vehicle for such power and beauty.

Here is a review from the Amazon website:

"Feldman once referred to this piece as the "largest butterfly in captivity." That poetic image serves "Triadic Memories" well: it is graceful, colorful, and mysterious all at once, particularly when played with this much sensitivity to attack, resonance, and sound color."

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