Friday 3 February 2012

DJ Cam

Any model railway, of even moderate complexity, has metres of cabling running underneath its baseboard. To install this cabling and all the required inter-connectors  involves a lot of crawling along the floor, bending one's neck double and having the blood run out of one's arms as one works like a coal miner beneath the baseboard. At least, I imagine that that's what would be involved. I can't face any of that misery so I decided to put my baseboard on hinges so that it can be lifted up and the underside is now leaning against the wall and I can stand up while sorting out all the wires etc.

Next step - the wiring.

DJ Cam

Underground Vibes

I HATE any kind of DIY, so it was imperative to have plenty of cups of tea within easy reach and  a very special CD playing.

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