Thursday 31 July 2014


Began on a mock-up of the yellow lego building that will sit on the layout next to the theatre.

Started from the roof downwards and had enough yellow bricks for 2 of the upper storeys: the roof will be of black bricks.

Top two storeys.
 Will order more yellow and black bricks this evening or tomorrow.

Currently listening to:

A young Glasgow DJ called Fergus Clark who produced a guest session for Optimo's July podcast on Rinse FM.

At first I wasn't keen - found it a bit dreary. Now I can't stop playing it.

Last night's dinner:

Liver and bacon.
Currently reading:

Ian McEwan is a master of plain English prose.
Drumming practice update:

Probably the single worst and most depressing drumming session ever today. Borrowed a strap held Samba drum (a Caixa) and took it to my drumming tutor for what I hoped would be some fine tuning of my technique ready for the resumption after 6 weeks of the Saturday morning Samba classes.

Utterly disastrous: couldn't hold the stick with my left hand, couldn't get proper accenting of the strokes, and the rhythms sounded pedestrian and utterly unmusical.

Frankly, I have not improved one iota in 9 months of practice and tutoring.

Perhaps this experiment to prove that with lots of practice even an idiot can learn a musical instrument should now come to an end. This idiot can't.

A caixa.

Naturally, being an idiot, I intend to carry on, in the hope that a Eureka experience will arrive.