Thursday 26 July 2012

Aerosol Spray Paint

Have ordered two different shades of matt brown aerosol spray paint from Humbrol - by mail order. See yesterday's blog about spray painting the sleepers of the tracks. Very surprised to discover that such products can be sent through the post. I thought that with all the change of temperature and shaking they would endure on such a journey that there would be a risk of explosion.

Obviously, I cannot take the track outside to spray so I'll have to set up some kind of protective hood to stop paint drifting onto the floor or the walls etc as I spray it in situ.

Ran out of cardboard sheeting.
Last night's dinner:

Whole sea-bream and spinach - utterly tasteless.

Ate it in the back garden because the evening remained warm until almost 11 pm.

And as the evening wore on, turned to Tricky for a suitable soundtrack.

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