Monday 30 July 2012

HO Scale Buildings

I've raised in earlier blogs this topic of judging the heights of buildings one wishes to model in HO scale. 

I've already manufactured my version of the Gare du Nord, so everything has to fit in with that. Although, in reality, the Gare du Nord is surrounded by buildings, it is difficult to find photographs on the web showing the station and these surrounding buildings in the same shot.  If I could find such a definitive picture then I would use it to determine the heights of  my models of the surrounding buildings.

The best I can come up with at the moment is this collection:

To me, these picures suggest that the surrounding buildings are not as high as the central portion of the Gare du Nord but more in line with the lower end sections.

On my model the central section is 25 cm tall (30cm including the statue on top).

I'll look for another angle on this height business tomorrow, but for now I'll aim at a  height of about 20cm plus the roof for the surrounding buildings.

Last night's dinner:

Sausage rolls, beans and chips in a very badly lit pub in Hull.

Pint of Bombardier English Bitter.

The pub was in the style of what now passes for a traditional English pub: poorly lit; urban R 'n' B musak from the hidden speakers; a line of highly illuminated, hi-tech draught beer taps along the counter - I use the term "beer" loosely - and 4 or 5 massive flat screen TVs showing sports.

The place was populated with locals: bored looking women with fake tans and tattoos; and men of all ages also with tattoos. Later on, a party of older couples trooped in. But even then, I was the only male who had tucked his shirt into his trousers.

Very congenial atmosphere.

This morning's breakfast in Hull:

They'd run out of bacon.

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