Saturday 7 July 2012

Model railway baseboards.

Baseboard considerations.

The current position.
I need to raise the height of the baseboard so that an extension clears an adjacent radiator. In an earlier blog I mentioned the dilemma presented by raising the height of the board. If it is set at 95cm then it clears the radiator but would be too high to sit at comfortably on a normal chair. The solution will be to raise it to say 110cm and then sit on a breakfast-bar stool.

One advantage of going on holiday for three weeks is that one can re-think things. And, now I have rejected the idea of placing the board on legs (which structurally could have been dodgy) and will seek out suitable shelving units as supports.

This solution will provide more stability (I hope) and some storage space.

The plan might be thwarted by the non-availability of units of a suitable height viz approx 110cm.

Will starting looking for units tomorrow.

Attending Mass:

The only disappointment of our recent holiday was the difficulty I had in attending daily Mass; there are simply not enough priests in non-metropolitan areas of France to provide cover.

So, it was with considerable relief that I was able to return to Mass this morning at St Paul's Whiteinch, Glasgow. The photograph shows empty pews but I was the furthest forward - there were about a dozen behind me. Still feel awkward about taking such photos and this one was taken surreptitiously and hence the angle.

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