Monday 23 July 2012

Colinter Productions

Came across this manufacturer on the web. Cut and pasted their blurb (translated by Google) and also an example of one of their models, albeit in N gauge.


Our company is based in Verdun , in the heart of Lorraine .
We specialize in various models of buildings , mainly in HO scale (1/87eme) and N (1/160th). We also offer some pieces in O (1/43EME) and 1:72.
Our models are produced in plaster and / or synthetic stone .
These materials allow to obtain results strikingly realistic.
Colinter Productions has been around for 10 years now.
Our range is very strongly oriented towards the traditional architecture Lorraine , but we also offer a series of buildings more "go anywhere".
We create, produce and disseminate our work ourselves.
Our products are particularly popular with model railroaders, the "war-gamers", players of RPGs or board games, as well as figurine or "dioramistes" military.
Our models are easy to assemble and very affordable prices: in most cases they are significantly less expensive than their plastic counterparts!
Note : our models are intended for a customer modeller adults: they are not toys!

I hope to achieve this finish with some of the ceramic buildings that I'll be making when my Ceramics class starts again in September - really looking forward to it.

Last night's dinner:

Scallops in a tomato sauce and cous-cous.

Asked the fishmonger to keep the roe on - the roe is as succulent as the scallop itself.

Today's music:

In need of something soothing.

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